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  • Why Choose Us
  • Experience
    • As with most things, the more you know, the better you will be. The same goes for choosing an education and immigration consultant. We have extensive experience in guiding in selection of higher education institute with immigration case handling experience along with a list of satisfied customers.

  • Customer Care
    • Canada is multicultural and multi- ethnic nation same as its Immigration law. It requires sensitivity to the cultures, languages, customs and traditions of peoples from around the world. With our multi-lingual staff and our past experience in assisting immigrants from all over the world, we pride ourselves on our firms ‘multicultural sensitivity’. Whatever are your linguistic and cultural needs, we believe that we can rise to the challenge.

  • Services
    • Time is always a valuable commodity in educational and immigration services. Many of our clients are busy with their day-today activities such as business, job and other related work of the customers meaning simply too busy to initiate and follow through with their own immigration applications. At ACIC, we provide the necessary commitment of time to your immigration needs so you can spend your time on other matters.

  • Support
    • It is not easy to file and prepare for the application for immigration or educational visa. We support our customers in preparing the document and follow up with the agencies for all the required papers. We also support our customers after they land in Canada by providing them guidance on schooling, job, finance and Resident.

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  • The process of preparing the documentation, guiding at every step for the process was an amazing experience. I respect the commitment, dedication and their integrity. I will always recommend Arora Canadian Immigration Consultant Inc. to every student

    - David Lee – Hong Kong

  • We used the services of Arora Canadian Immigration Consultant Inc. to apply for permanent residence through the BC- PNP Program. Here is what we had to say "Fast working, always helpful with answering questions. We found them on our Google search and we selected them as Our family immigration consultant.

    - Devender Singh and his family – New Dehli

Canadian Citizenship

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is the federal department that manages Canadian citizenship, both for those applying for citizenship and for current Canadian citizens. Approximately 210,000 people became citizens of Canada in 2014, which represents 85 per cent of eligible Canadian immigrants. These new Canadians have taken loyalty oaths pledging their commitment to the responsibilities and privileges of Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Citizenship Eligibility

  1.  You Must Be A Permanent Resident Of Canada And 18 Years Of Age Or Older
    Children under 18 years of age and persons adopted by Canadians can also become citizens, but they do not have to meet the same requirements as adults. Ask for more information on this topic.
  2. You Must Have Lived Here For At Least Three Years You must have lived in Canada for at least three years in the four years immediately before you apply for citizenship.
  3. You must know English or French. Canada has two official languages — English and French. If you are applying as an adult and are between 18 and 54 years of age, you must successfully demonstrate an adequate knowledge of English or French to become a Canadian citizen. Adequate knowledge is defined as the ability to speak and understand basic statements and questions in the given language.
  4. You must demonstrate knowledge of Canada You must understand the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship, such as voting in elections, obeying the law, and helping others in the community. You must also demonstrate knowledge of Canada’s government, history, symbols and geography.
    If you are applying as an adult and are not yet 55 years of age, you will need to pass the citizenship test, which could be a written test or an interview with a citizenship judge.
    Once your application is is process, an acknowledgement letter and a copy of the citizenship study guide, Discover Canada: the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, will be mailed to you.
    This guide will help you prepare for your citizenship written test and/or interview.
  5. Citizenship for persons adopted outside Canada
    Foreign-born persons adopted by a Canadian citizen on or after January 1, 1947 may be eligible for citizenship without having to either become permanent residents or live in Canada. For information on the citizenship process for adopted persons. Please contact us.

Who Cannot Become a Canadian Citizen? A Million Dollars question.

In general, you cannot become a Canadian citizen if:

To apply to become a Canadian citizen, make an appointment with us. We will help you determine which application package is most suitable, review the application with you and ensure it is complete, submit it for you, and help you prepare for your test / interview so you can take the oath of citizenship at a citizenship ceremony.

For more information please call or write